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BLUE MOON: The Lucium Project


Blue Moon - The Luvium Project


We're thrilled to finally announce a new project in development: Blue Moon - The Lucium Project, a first person adventure game set in the Black Cube universe created by Simon Mesnard.


Blue Moon - The Lucium Project is a short, single player exploration driven adventure set on a mysterious moon called Ytria. Explore and unlock the mysteries of Ytria while you look for your missing sister.


The soundtrack of Blue Moon will be composed by Python Blue, a talented American musician.


Currently this project is at an early stage of development and the release date is to be defined.


Soon there will be more information, images and videos.


Luminy Studios is an independent incubator of ideas to bring interactive dreamscapes from the ether into illusion of physical reality.

Feel free to give feedback and let me know what you think!

info [at] luminystudios [dot] com


Blue Moon


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